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Pasture Grazed Beef: 100% grass-fed beef direct from our farm to you! Call (320) 533-0800 or email

Stonebridge Beef LLC is a small, grass-fed beef supplier selling direct to Minnesota customers, including several top restaurants in the Twin Cities.

Buying Direct: Direct from our farm to you

Buying Direct from StoneBridge Beef LLC, Common questions.

Why do we sell directly to our family of customers?

A Improved flavor and freshness, the health benefits of grass-fed beef, and the pleasure in dealing face to face with our customers. Our customers save by buying bulk quantities and have the convenience of ‘always having meat in the freezer’.

Is it safe to buy direct from a local supplier like StoneBridge Beef LLC?

A We believe buying direct is safer than buying “commodity beef” where the actual source is unknown. Many studies show that E. coli 0157:H7 and other food born contaminants are much more common among animals in confined, crowded conditions. All our customers know us personally. Just as importantly our processor is a local, family owned and State inspected business. Simply stated, every package of beef in our short food chain is traceable.

How much of each cut of beef do you get in a quarter or half of beef?

A Figure roughly 100 lbs for a quarter and 200 lbs for a half beef. Each quarter or half is a custom order and the processor will carefully guide you in your selection of cuts during a telephone interview. Click Classic Quarter or Classic Half for examples of what a typical order might contain.

What time of year can you order and how long do you wait?

A We provide beef year around. The ordering and delivery process takes about two weeks from farm to fork. We carefully age each carcass for 10 days, package, label, flash freeze and box each order.

How does pick-up or delivery work?

A We deliver up and down the I-94 corridor from Alexandria into the Twin Cities every Thursday. You may also pick up at our farm. We enjoy having visitors. If you are not in the above area, click Local Food Networks and call us about additional pick-up points in Minnesota.

Will I need a separate freezer and how big? (A note for planning purposes; 25 lbs of beef occupies about one a cubic foot.)

A The items in our 20lb. burger pack fits into most kitchen freezers. Most of our customers purchase a whole, half or quarter animal, splitting it with friends and family. Most own or buy a freezer and store their family's beef for the entire year. Shopping time and travel cost are significantly reduced.

What do we feed our cattle?

A Calves stay on their mothers milk for several months. They are then transitioned to grass-based forages (grass, legumes, and supplements) until they are harvested at about 2 yrs old. Some winters hay or silage, from our own farm is required. No corn, starchy grain or pharmaceuticals are used to fatten our cattle.

Is StoneBridge Beef the right source of grass-fed beef for you?

A We invite you to visit our farm and our processor. StoneBridge Beef LLC is one of the most successful grass-fed beef producers in Minnesota. We serve hundreds of families as well the finer restaurants and food coops in Minnesota.

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