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Stonebridge Beef LLC is a small, grass-fed beef supplier selling direct to Minnesota customers, including several top restaurants in the Twin Cities.

1/2 Grass-fed BEEF -- THE CLASSIC

Our animals vary a bit in size so you will be charged per lb. of hanging weight.  See the last paragraph.  How much meat will you get?  The following is pretty close to what you can expect with the Classic Half.

Note that this plan is only a starting point. The actual custom-cutting plan can be adjusted when our processor calls you by phone. 

10 T-bone steaks — 1" thick (includes tenderloin)

10 rib eye steaks — 1" thick

6 sirloin steaks — 1" thick

8 tenderized round steaks — 1/2" thick

10 roasts, approximately 3 lbs. each — Depending on the size of the animal, there will usually be 2 sirloin tips, 6 chuck roasts and 2 rump roasts.

At least 70 ground beef — 1 lb. packages 

Optional cuts:  (Or will be included as ground beef if not packaged separately.) 

Stew meat, kebobs, short ribs, brisket, soup bones and a wide variety of sausages are also available. 

Variety meats:  such as heart, liver, tongue and oxtail will be provided at no extra charge.  We encourage you to take these since they do not add to your cost.  

Recipes for all the above cuts will be provided.

The above cuts will be packaged, frozen, and boxed ready for pickup.  The pickup location and other processing details will be arranged by phone.

We require a check of $180 as a deposit, paid online or sent to our mailing address below to confirm your order.  The lead time is approximately 2 weeks. 

StoneBridge Beef LLC will charge $3.99 per lb of hanging weight of the animal (approximately $1080 including your deposit). Our processor will charge about $200 so the total will be either side of $1270 for your half beef. (Remember that weights vary with individual beef.)

Thanks for contacting StoneBridge Beef LLC.  Call 320 594 0031 for further details. 

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