StoneBridge Beef LLC | 100% Grass Fed Beef Direct From Our Farm

Pasture Grazed Beef: 100% grass-fed beef direct from our farm to you! Call (320) 533-0800 or email

Stonebridge Beef LLC is a small, grass-fed beef supplier selling direct to Minnesota customers, including several top restaurants in the Twin Cities.

Local Food Networks (LFN): Direct from our farm to you

Purchasing and sharing food is a long standing TRADITION.
At StoneBridge Beef LLC we facilitate this tradition through family based and community based networks. It’s a feel-good way to support local foods.

A family in your community probably buys from us already.
Group orders give real benefits when you connect with us through a network. The custom beef cuts that fit your specific needs are maintained. Delivery close to your door is very likely and food is simply more fun when the experience is shared.

Call or e-mail us for networking contacts in your area. 
Our networks are low key and informal. No fees, meetings or clubs to join. We have dozens of existing networks already in place. Buying direct really works!

Include your workplace, your family or other organization.
It’s much simpler than a co-op, CSA, or buying club. You simply group orders and deliveries at predetermined times. Some networks coordinate an annual or semiannual buying event using social media.

What are the benefits?
Group ordering saves money, saves time and saves multiple shopping trips.
It enhances the environmental benefits by dramatically shortening the food chain.
It deals directly with a farmer so you know exactly where your beef originates.
It fosters buying and sampling other meats, dairy, grain, vegetables etc.
It is simply a lot of fun.

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