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Stonebridge Beef LLC is a small, grass-fed beef supplier selling direct to Minnesota customers, including several top restaurants in the Twin Cities.

GOOD HEALTH - Information and Research
(A Clearinghouse for all things grass-fed) Jo Robinson edits a comprehensive and current consumers guide for all grass-oriented agriculture topics. START HERE! Backup research data and clinical tests are accurately referenced and updated regularly.
A good site from a well known source explaining the heart health benefits. 2012
The Union of Concern Scientists Report on Grass-fed animal production. 2006. It is comprehensive and essentially unchallenged in the world of health research.
Grass is greener, buy healthy meat. This article is an answer for those who write about beef being unhealthy.
The first in a series of articles that discusses the constituents in grass-fed beef that make it different from grain-fed beef.
A summary of the health benefits of grass-fed beef, put together at California State University, 2006. Check out their other menu selections at the top of their home page.
by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Author of "Take Control of Your Health", 2007
A 94 page research summary of the benefits of essential fatty acids (EFA) and other beneficial fats in various foods, including grass-fed beef. This site assumes one has some biochemistry background. Vanessa Woods, UK
A great explanation of the difference between grass-fed beef and grain-fed beef. 
The latest data from health studies on the risks and benefits from eating red meat. December 2012 issue.

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