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Pasture Grazed Beef: 100% grass-fed beef direct from our farm to you! Call (320) 533-0800 or email

Stonebridge Beef LLC is a small, grass-fed beef supplier selling direct to Minnesota customers, including several top restaurants in the Twin Cities.

Preparation of Prairie Fed Beef

Cook Gently! Capture the rich robust flavors! 
Adjust your cooking time and temperature lower. To achieve the same degree of 'doneness', and more flavor, plan to use 30% less heat. The reason! Pasture Grazed Beef is leaner and juicier. It has less of the 'bad fats' so it cooks at a lower temperature and in a shorter time.

Use a meat thermometer (rather than a timing device). 
If you don’t already have one, get a good meat thermometer. (We provide a meat thermometer free with most first-time orders or upon request.) Click on recipes for suggested cooking techniques. Ask us, we are always happy to give suggestion on cooking, time-saving recipes, and the selection of products that fit your lifestyle. (Once you are familiar with the quick-cooking benefits of grass-fed beef you may choose to return to your timer.)

Let the natural flavors do the talking. 
Crock-pot cooking or other moist heat methods work especially well to reduce your "kitchen-time". Slow cooking methods are very forgiving. They work particularly well with sirloin, round steak, chuck roast and steaks, and meat cuts that are less familiar (and often more flavorful). See recipes for more details.

With Pastured Grazed Beef it's all about choices! 
We encourage you to explore a world of new and exciting beef flavors. If your family prefers a maximum percentage of steaks, or roasts, or burger, or specialty products, we offer a lot of choices. Packaging your beef may be customized as well. Click ordering, for our new order form.

Pastured Grazed Beef is safe. 
We suggest you follow normal cooking safety recommendations published by the USDA. However, there is an additional level of safety with Pasture Grazed Beef. (Large, impersonal, high-volume factory farms and slaughterhouses create most of the safety issues for beef.) Our beef is processed at a small, local, inspected facility in Central Minnesota. Your direct relationship with us, the farmer/processor, provides peace of mind and a high level of safety.

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